Spring Quilt Market 2009: Kokka

This post is part of a series reporting on the Spring 2009 International Quilt Market by True Up East Coast Stringer Mary Beth of Supafine.




You guys.

I’ve never been up close and personal with any of Kokka’s fabric before. So if I get a little drool on this post, I beg pardon.

Kokka had a little complex of booths in the back corner of Market, all under the umbrella of Seven Islands. Here is a wee little booth for Heather Ross‘s new line, Far Far Away:

Far Far Away by Heather Ross for Kokka

and her book Weekend Sewing, copies of which she was signing over the weekend. I loitered and loitered as hard as I could, sending her glances and just generally trying to bask in her cheerful scribbly presence, but to no avail; there was always someone waiting to talk to her in line in front of me, and then on Sunday she was gone.

Next was the Echino booth, featuring new prints from designer Etsuko Furaya in sheeting cotton, double gauze and waterproof fabric, as well as solids and dots in a cotton-linen blend.

echino booth

more echino

Also new from Echino are three new sewing bag patterns and coordinating trims, patches, strapping and crochet edging:

echino: new trims, straps, patches and motifs

Next to that was the Nani Iro display, calm and soothing and beautiful, surprise surprise.

nani iro

Nani Iro spring fabrics were previewed here on True Up.

On the other side was the Trefle booth, full of unspeakably adorable folk prints both tiny and large:

Trefle booth

adorable tiny folk prints

Like Echino, Trefle has new trims, tapes and patches available, and some of them are so cute it causes pain.

new trims from trefle


Beyond that was the Kiyohara & Co. booth, featuring very lovely and muted fabrics, designs and, yes, more trims:

kiyohara & co booth

new patches from kiyohara

So, so nice. I’m a Kokka convert, yes I am.


  1. Mary says:

    Oh my. Sorry if I also drooled all over the pictues! I would not be allowed near those booths as I would be trying to take everything! Do they give out samples or anything? : )

  2. Wow! I’m a huge kokka fan. Thanks for sharing these photos with us!!

  3. aida says:

    i am a HUGE kokka fan, i would love to get my hands on some Nani Iro in future. thanks for sharing the pics, i would have died and gone to heaven if i was there!

  4. Shannon says:

    Oh man, so much cute stuff. I think I just drooled on your post.

  5. nycstitcher says:

    I Just grabbed four prints from the brand new Echino double gauze off the Purl website. I’m excited to see what it will be as a double gauze–I’ve loved the heavier weight almost canvas-like original fabrics. I figure if it’s not for quilts it will make great blouses and skirts. And glad to have a fuller view! Thanks so much!

  6. Heather R. says:

    I was wondering how we missed each other! I would have loved to have said hello and get caught up, drop me a line soon!

  7. Melanie says:

    Lucky you! I’m a huge Kokka fan, especially of the Trefle and Echino lines.

  8. Vivi says:

    Wow….I am a fan!Anyone knows where to get kiyohara & co. fabrics online??

  9. annie says:

    This post is nearly too much for me… I think I just stopped breathing for a bit.

  10. Mary Beth says:

    @Vivi: Looks like beesquarefabrics.com and purlsoho.com both carry a little Kiyohara! Good luck!

  11. Vivi says:

    Thank you Mary Beth:)! Bookmarking both sites!