Spring Quilt Market 2009: FreeSpirit/Westminster

This post is part of a series reporting on the Spring 2009 International Quilt Market by True Up East Coast Stringer Mary Beth of Supafine.

Advance warning: Most of this post will be smeared with my tears of regret over the unforgivable paucity of photos from the entire row of Westminster Fibers booths. Mea culpa. I was too gobsmacked looking at Amy Butler‘s Sweet Life bags to realize that my eyeballs do not work as well as my Canon.

(I did meet and shake hands with Amy Butler herself, which, I don’t know about you, but was probably the highlight of my year. She is very tall. She is exceedingly friendly. She is even more awesome in person than I could have dreamed. The marriage is set for June.)

I had a great chat with Erin McMorris, whose new line, Wildwood, is being released by FreeSpirit. Turns out Erin grew up like ten minutes away from where I did (in Northwest Ohio), and her dad taught at my alma mater. We are also now BFF. I’m going to have to start a list to keep track of my entanglements.

Jennifer Paganelli and Erin McMorris
Jennifer Paganelli and Erin McMorris

Wildwood features botanical prints in cool brights like citron and fuschia, accented and occasionally grounded by deep blue-gray. The main print is quite layered, with dots, leaves and vines. There are some two-toned prints in the collection, and everything is very graphic, crisp, and bright.


“I love two-color prints,” she said, “and I always like to put in a little print,” she said, pointing to this print of tiny trees, which may be my favorite from the collection.

quilt showing Wildwood by Erin McMorris

Of her inspiration for the line, Erin cited a trail of the same name in Forest Park, in Portland where she lives. It’s the largest forested park within city limits in the United States, and she lives within biking distance. Awesome.

Also from FreeSpirit is Valori Wells‘ latest collection, Del Hi, available now. Valori describes this group of hand-painted flowers and designs as “a perfect blend of graphic prints and blooming botanicals,” naming dahlias as its inspiration. The softer, more muted colors of the High Desert color story — earth, cinnamon, sage and teal — are balanced by the brighter and more vibrant hues of the Mediterranean palette (scarlet, tangerine, sapphire and ocean).


Valori is also introducing a line of her hand-painted designs on art cards (six to a pack) and T-shirts (printed in Oregon, where she lives).

FreeSpirit: Vicki Payne, For Your Home

You may recognize the name Vicki Payne from the public television show For Your Home; her fabric collection of the same name features beautiful large scale graphic prints in very modern colors. The fabric is of a lovely home dec weight with a bit of sheen to it.

Her booth was beautiful, with great afternoon light; my favorite part (aside from the fabric) were the inspiration boards leaning against the wall, showing fabric swatches and catalog pages.

Vicki Payne inspiration boards

Vicki Payne inspiration boards

Vicki describes her work as “style-driven product design” for herself and her girlfriends; she feels flattered, she says, that other people enjoy it as well.

See more For Your Home here.

Lastly we have Jennifer Paganelli‘s Pretty Please, available now, and Dance With Me, coming in June. Jennifer was such a delight to talk to: very informative, very cheerful. She describes them as having a “wallpaper feeling,” which they definitely do; her prints have been compared to Lilly Pulitzer’s work, and Jennifer says “I don’t think there’s a better comparision.”

And Jennifer definitely plans her prints to be applicable to clothing. She was even wearing a handmade tunic featuring her new designs — a visual emphasis of her point. Both collections contain lots of blues and greens, and as Jennifer says, “Every collection has to have a flower.”

“I’m going for a light brightness here,” she said of Pretty Please, with a lot of two-tones and a silhouette feel as well. Dance With Me features a wonderful hexagonal cheater print in several colors.



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