Spring Market 2009: Alexander Henry

This post wraps up a series reporting on the Spring 2009 International Quilt Market by True Up East Coast Stringer Mary Beth of Supafine. Read all her posts here.

I bet this is going to surprise you: Alexander Henry has a slew of awesome stuff going on. SHOCKER. I know. Here, let me get the paddles.

But really though. Alexander Henry takes the conversation print to a whole new level, and this spring is no exception.

Here’s a new design in the Fashionista line, a print called La Dolce Vita. It’s huge!

Alexander Henry: Fashionista

(I asked Phillip De Leon, co-owner of the brand, if he’d step into the shot to give it some scale, and he so graciously did. Thanks!)

There’s also a 50% scale version of the same print. But I kind of think that if you’re going to go with it, for gosh sakes go big.

Phillip calls this large scale print a supergraphic, in the style of Marimekko. In fact, he calls the whole collection a celebration of the supergraphic style.

More new prints for May, also within Fashionista:

bella cosa
Bella Cosa


“It’s emblematic of what we do,” said Phillip. “Everything is all hand-drawn. It’s illustrative, layered, and hand-painted.” And yes, “the 70s are a strong wellspring for us,” he said. (Here’s where we had a nice little chat about the 70s and its influence over modern pop art and graphic design and how so many people are children of the 70s right now and that’s not really going to change for a while. I do believe I could take this guy to a diner and just listen to him expound for hours on end.) (I’m not the only one.)

I also had a nice peek at the decor-weight 45″ oxford; the ‘Heath‘ line coordinated very well with the True Up business cards. Imagine me having a picture of the business cards to show you. Hup hup. Very good.


So what’s next for A.H.?

“Going forward, we have three strong stories for Spring 2010,” said Phillip. The first is Good Earth, with an “It’s A Small World” theme. It’s a combination of juvenile prints and super sophisticated fashion prints. And when he says “It’s A Small World,” he means it.

Alexander Henry: Good Earth

Come on. So cute. I love the text print, too.

This is an example of the fashion prints:

Alexander Henry: Good Earth

What a color palette.

Also coming up is a new collection called Lorenza, featuring “organic florals” in shades of aubergine, nude, and black; and a collection called Storybrook, in what Phillip called a “Necco wafer palette.” Pale pink, pale orange, pale green: It’s “pretty pretty,” according to his sister Nicole, because one “pretty” wasn’t enough. (One of the prints features a Holly Hobby-esque girl, with big early-70s hair and bows. I love it and it reminds me of my best friend’s bedroom.)

So, great stuff going on, more great stuff to come: Nothing we haven’t come to expect from Alexander Henry.


  1. Rachel says:

    Thanks for the AH info. Wonderful designs. I haven’t seen any other Quilt Market updates on AH so this was great.

  2. Ellen says:

    I have a beautiful piece of AH fabric that I’m afraid to even cut into. Maybe I should just go buy some more in case I mess up!

  3. Great. I wonder what their artistic training is? Or did they just inherit that ability to draw. Very interesting, thanks!

  4. Cheryl says:

    These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing– this is the first AH Quilt Market update I’ve come across.