Regarding the Spring Quilt Market …


Pittsburgh, from daveynin on Flickr; shared with a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

The Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania begins tomorrow. Thursday will be filled with “schoolhouse” presentations from designers and other industry professionals for fabric retailers. It is followed by the madhouse that is sample spree, where manufacturers sell sample sewn items, bundles of current and upcoming fabrics, patterns, for a song. Friday through Sunday is the trade show, where retailers go to see and buy new fabrics and products.

Unfortunately, I can’t make it this season, but I’m sending a representative, Mary Beth of Supafine. Though we’ve never met in person, I’ve long admired Mary Beth’s writing, photography, and crafting skills. She is hilarious and candid mother of two — her second was born very near the same time as my son, and we exchanged some awesome emails during that ultra-intense newborn period. I can’t imagine a better person to represent me and the blog. If you’re attending, I hope you will track her down to say hi, and show her a good time. She will be loosely headquartered at the Fabric Shop Network booth, which should be a must-see for every attendee anyway!

There is no Fabric 2.0 party in Pittsburgh, unfortunately, but there is an informal gathering taking place in its stead, thanks to Jona of Fabritopia:

… [W]e’ll be gathering at the Palm Court Lounge Thursday evening (after the Schoolhouse series) starting at 6:30. The lounge is located in the ground floor of the OMNI Penn Hotel (about 1/2 mile from the convention center) and there is a free shuttle (Molly’s Trolleys) to and from the convention center starting at 7:00. This is a great time meet your favorite “online” friends (bloggers, store owners, designers, everyone!) and it’s open to everybody so there are no excuses for missing it (except for the fact that you’ll have to pay for your own drinks and food and that’s not even a good excuse, just a cheap one!). Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Oh, and one last note, if you’re twittering from Quilt Market, try to squeeze in #quiltmarket at the end so interested parties can search for your news. Here’s more about Twitter hashtags if you’d like to do the same.

Have fun, y’all! I’m jealous, but I’ll definitely be seeing you in Houston this fall.


  1. Mary Beth says:

    Thanks for the wonderful introduction, Kim!

  2. jessica rita says:

    I can’t believe my work kept me from the internet long enough that I totally missed this post! And darn my being a member of the general public. Figures I’m right across the river from all that excitement… but thank you, Kim, for the tip!