Fall Quilt Market 2009: What I Missed

Today marks the end of my Fall Quilt Market coverage. About 40 posts! Are you sick of it? Looking forward to returning to the normal posting routine?

I just wanted to give shout-outs to the companies and people I missed. Quilt Market is so big, people, seriously. Three days going full speed and I still didn’t get to see all the fabrics I wanted to see. Some I saw and just neglected to photograph. Here are most of them (but I’m sure I missed a few!) …


Andover has Lizzy House‘s Castle Peeps, Cosmo Cricket‘s Snorkel, Gloria Hall’s Feedsack repro lines, and Erinn Kennedy‘s Fancy Free. I have a CD with images from all these lines that I’d love to show you, but since most of these ladies have blogs, I’ll give them first dibs at the reveal! But I think it’s OK to show you some of the artwork from Gloria Hall’s upcoming Feedsack Morningsong (above).

Cynthia Mann of Fabricworm and Birch Fabrics was my market buddy this year! I got to see the strikeoffs of Circa 50, which looked awesome. Can’t wait for that one!

Last year I happily stumbled upon the Canada-based Camelot Cottons. I didn’t make it by to see them this year, unfortunately. Check out their website — some cute stuff new stuff is coming out like What a Hoot. Urban Squares is also very interesting and I’d love to see it in person.

Clothworks: I wanted to see Woodland Friends and meet designer Ellen Crimi-Trent (blog) in person! The Clothworks website has all their upcoming collections through Spring 2010 up now.

I saw Michelle Engel Bencksko of Cloud9 several times and got to meet her business partner Gina Pantastico, but they were always so busy (which is a great thing) that I never got to relax in their serene booth or document their lovely followup to My Happy Garden, Beyond the Sea (delivering March 2010).

Henry Glass has some lovely current and upcoming collections — not only from our friend Michelle but also Amy Hamberlin (Kati Cupcake), Anne Sutton (Bunny Hill Designs), Barbara Jones (Quilt Soup), Bev Proulx, and Linda Lum DeBono.

Hoffman Fabrics: In addition to their beautiful batiks, I also wanted to check out their upcoming print collections, since the new Tweet Tweet by Jillian Phillips and Petal Punch have caught my eye.

Aunt Grace Authentics

Marcus Fabrics: Aunt Grace by Judie Rothermel is the 1930s reproduction, and I always enjoy seeing each new season’s prints. Next month sees the release of Aunt Grace Authentics. Plus I wanted to see if Prints Charming has anything on the horizon …

Moda, oh Moda. I tried to see your future fabrics, but failed. On the plus side, I got to meet Angela Yosten, who is responsible for the daily feats of strength witnessed on the Moda Bake Shop; see the Home Collection, and take pictures of the quilts and meet some of the designers. But no Tula Pink! Again! Noooooooo!

P&B I did visit with P&B, but neglected to take any pictures! The biggest news from them is their alliance with Lilla Rogers Studio. I know you all are excited about Caroline Gavin’s Wild Thyme (December 2009) … well hold on to your hats; Helen Dardik and Jenn Ski will have collections with them next year too. Woohoo! I can’t wait! These designs aren’t even on paper yet, else I would taken pictures for you.


I think the hand-drawn cowboys and cowgirls in Laura Heine’s collection Hey Cowboy! for RJR are awesome. They also have a new basics collection of dots & stripes that will help us sate the appetite that Lecien’s hard-to-find Color Basics has created. Their ongoing 30s collection Everything But the Kitchen Sink has a new round coming out soon. Supernova has some awesome photorealistic astronaut prints, perfect for the science kids. And speaking of photorealistic, I have one word for you: DONUTS.

Red Rooster Fabrics: Have you seen Amy Barickman’s (Indygo Junction) new Sew It Book collection? We’re planning an interview with Amy, so all is not lost. She also has A Stitch in Time coming out, a 1930s repro line. But I so wanted to meet Amy in person! Kicking myself!

Sunfelt: Last year I posted about Sunfelt, the Japanese felt fabric and felt crafts company, and I still get emails inquiring where people can find their products. Actually, I do have pictures from Sunfelt this year, and a lovely piece of felt for a giveaway, but I’m saving them for an upcoming felt series. In case you were wondering!


Timeless Treasures: Apple by Alice Kennedy was such a hit, I wanted to see what else was on the horizon. Looks like it’s Lily, which is a cool experiment in one-color design. Love those florals!

And this has to be the screw-up of the year: If it didn’t have its own booth at Westminster/Freespirit, I didn’t see it. Which means I neglected to document California Dreamin’ by Jenean Morrison (though I did get to her schoolhouse and got to hang out with her at the Fabric 2.0 party!), Tanya Whelan’s lovely Dolce, Annette Tatum’s House, Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley, and their designer woven solids and knits. And I saw Jay McCarroll and his sis briefly at Fabric 2.0, but didn’t get to talk to him much before he was surrounded!

So, what do you say, Quilts Inc. — can we make Market five days long from now on?


  1. Susana says:

    I am not at all sick of it, and I doubt anyone is. What I am is jealous. And grateful.

  2. Kim,

    Next October I will be at Quilt Market for sure and we can meet then!! I will have my Woodland Friends II collection out then!!