Fall Quilt Market 2009: Moda Home

Well, this year I failed to see the upcoming fabric collections from Moda (their booth complex is a mini city and everyone is constantly busy!) but I did get to take pictures of the Moda Home products, shown here, and the quilts and a couple of the designers’ booths, which I’ll save for a later post. As you can imagine, all this vintage reproduction stuff had me at hello.





Amongst the offerings are several Learn to Sew kits, which include fabric, notions, and instructions for a few projects. And people, just because I know how to sew already doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to get this as a gift. I mean, just look at the pockets.



Tablecloths and Western-themed assortment …



And finally, Moda has teamed up with Indygo Junction to promote IJ’s new Hankie Style book and Moda Home’s reproduction hankies. It’s a good thing Moda makes these because I would feel the need to stage an intervention if you were cutting up vintage hankies.



See the Moda Home catalog and a list of release dates here.


  1. Mimi says:

    OH, how funny is your comment…. I would feel the need to stage an intervention if you were cutting up vintage hankies…. I have vintage hankies all over this house…. and any time I think of them I wonder what I can do with them … one group is a dozen with my mother’s name hand embroirdered on them….. thanks Gaga for the proper gift some 75 years ago..(you know before kleenex.. but I quilt…. hey maybe 12 blocks with Caterina….. Thank you for the laugh and I will have to use this concept of intervention a few times today in my dealings with people.

  2. Becky says:

    Right with you on intervention on cutting hankies! I see so many sweet projects but could never cut my vintage hankies!!!! This fabric could save many a vintage item!!

    I love those learn to sew boxes too. Gee, I’ve been swing 40+ years an would love any of ‘em too.