Japanese Fabric of the Week: Ed Emberley!

ed emberley


A couple years ago there was a Japanese line of Ed Emberley products in Japan (totes and clocks and other goods … you can still find the totes online but I’m not so sure of the other stuff). I was puzzled why it didn’t make it over here. Does any American child of the 1960s on NOT love Ed Emberley? Didn’t he teach an entire generation or two or three to draw?

Of course I was always hoping for some Ed Emberley fabric. And now I have some! Thanks to this post by Natalie at Craft I was pointed to Liz, who runs a shop called felt cafe (on etsy too). I love EE so much I was willing to break my own rule of no-more-white-background-novelty-prints until the current stash is reduced. Though the fabric is not currently listed in her shop, she might be able to hook you up (though she’s on vacation for most of September).


  1. liz says:

    thanks so much for posting about my shop!

    the ed emberley fabric has been quite popular, and it hasn’t made it into my etsy shop yet.

    if you’d like some, just send me an email at feltcafe@gmail.com, and i can reserve some for you.

  2. Barbara says:

    You asked “Does any American child of the 1960s on NOT love Ed Emberley? Didn’t he teach YOU to draw?”

    No, I’ve never heard of him until now nor in the 60′s. Maybe it depended on where you lived then?

    Cute fabrics though.

  3. Mary Beth says:

    SHUT. UP. I love Ed Emberley.

    I’m not a child of the 60s, but he still taught me to draw. And plus his drawings are just. Man. Perfect. Nice find!

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  5. Gwendolen says:

    love love love love love! Thank you!