Japanese Fabric of the Week: Echino Fall 2009


Here’s a closer look at Echino Fall 2009 by Etsuko Furuya, previously seen at Quilt Market. It’s now available in the shops, woohooo! These are all cotton-linen blends — which some may argue is a better all-purpose fabric than quilting cotton. (It’s certainly better for clothing!) The border print Birdsong, above, is in four colorways, and the design runs parallel to the selvedge.


This is Flowerbed. I was drawn to the maybe-brown, maybe-purple colorway — I think my monitor deceives me because it looks brown to me, but Superbuzzy calls it Oxblood and Fabricworm calls it Eggplant, so I’m thinking it’s more deep purple/deep burgundy-ish? And last but most definitely not least, are Ornament, Quiet Ground, and Peacock.

Will you be buying some? Which prints?





  1. Jules O says:

    I actually like the whole range, which is a 1st for me. If I could I would buy the whole lot!

  2. Rhea says:

    It is indeed a brown… but a purple-y brown.

    (If that makes any sense).

    I’ve just recently seen it in person.

    (Soooooo gorgeous).

  3. Amber says:

    Already have an order on the way – I’m hoping it comes tomorrow :-)
    I love it all – very excited about this line!

  4. vadjutka says:

    I am such a great fan of Echino fabrics – I just cant have enough!

  5. nycstitcher says:

    It was not a matter of would I be buying some. It was how fast my fingers would move on Superbuzzy and Purl! I’m still not sure what I have–let’s see, purple birds, both green and pink peacocks (the print), purple/pink and black “peaceful (?)” and pink and aqua flower garden. I think that’s it. I am absolutely thrilled with all of them, even though I’m not sure yet what I will be doing with them. (I usually don’t buy fabric “on faith” anymore!) Now, anyone know if there will be more shipments?!!

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  8. Caila Murphy says:

    I love ALL of these fabrics! I’m definitely getting some of the Ni-Co fabrics, and I love Birdsong.
    Anyone know if this fabric weight could be used on a dress or skirt? I want to wear them! And I have a client specifically asking if I could make her something wear-able out of some of these fabrics. I haven’t seen or felt them in person, so I’m not sure how heavy they are.
    Thanks for this post!
    Caila, the Little Boo Boutique