Japanese Fabric of the Week



Two prints from the Huala Lani collection, sold by the Hongkong-based FelicitySiu on Etsy (click on images to see the individual listings). What do you think — are Hawaiian motifs are going to be the next mini-trend in Japanese fabrics?


  1. Becky says:

    Those are adorable. Hawaiian motifs on Japanese fabric? If it becomes a trend I’m all for it. I just want to buy it all!

  2. ginevra says:

    Umm, having lived in Tokyo last year, I can tell you Hawaiian motifs have clearly been a huge trend in Japanese quilting for a long time: there are specialist fabric lines, devices for helping you do Hawaiian style quilts, guest authors, books galore … umm, a whole industry!

    But true, I hadn’t realised quite how popular Hawaii is in Japan ’till I went there.