Japanese Fabric of the Week


I don’t know anything about this traffic jam fabric except that it is Japanese and RAD. If anyone can identify it further or find it for sale anywhere, let us know in the comments! (via Blempgorf — it was being sold through a defunct Etsy shop.)


  1. julie says:


  2. Kat McTee says:

    This is like a dream come true! Love.

  3. Julie says:

    I bought this piece of fabric and it just arrived yesterday. Unfortunately, there’s no selvage information on it. It seems to be part polyester, and it’s larger scale than I’d expected. I wish I could pass on more info — I’m looking forward to using it.

  4. Karo says:

    no clue as to what this is, but it sure is amazing! personally a lot of japanese prints are slightly too plain for my taste but i looooooove this one!

  5. Julie says:

    Just a heads up: I’ve been in contact with the Etsy seller (who now has a different shop) and she’s got more of this to sell. You can get it here:


    I was satisfied with my transaction, for what that’s worth, though it did take a long time for the fabric to arrive.