More Illustrator Pattern Repeat Tutorials

Straight repeats

Stripe repeat

Plaid repeat

Houndstooth design

This same teacher has an easy to understand Intro to Illustrator series starting here. She is a fashion teacher (with an interest in designing fashions for Second Life (!)) so the lessons are geared toward textile people.


  1. Funny watching other people doing what I do in a different way. End results similar, how to get there can be any number of ways. Beauty of computers – user can do what is most comfortable for them once familiar with actions.

  2. jen eskridge says:

    What an excellent resource. Thanks!

  3. Harmony says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I have been using Freehand for the last decade to design textiles and know I have to make the big switch to Illustrator (Since Adobe bought out Freehand). I have purchased CS4 but haven’t taken the plunge… this gives me hope and inspiration! Thank you for this very useful resource.