Nicey Jane Giveaway From The Quilted Castle


Nicey Jane is here! Nicey Jane is here! (That’s Heather Bailey‘s new collection for FreeSpirit, if you’re not as obsessed with all this as we are.)

The Quilted Castle is giving away a fat quarter set of 20 of the prints in the blue/green colorway. To enter, just visit The Quilted Castle, then come back and comment here with your favorite Nicey Jane fabric, or any of your other favorites from their 2,000+ items.

They will also throw in four additional yards (!) of Nicey Jane to the giveaway winner if s/he makes a purchase during the contest period from them using the coupon code True Up.

Comments will remain open though Sunday, December 6, midnight Central U.S. time. Sorry, but we have to keep it to U.S. readers only this time.

Good luck!


  1. Rachael says:

    I love the lindy leaf in blue!

  2. Sue Goodin says:

    I just loved the Cherry Hop Dot.

  3. Karen N says:

    I am a sucker for a gorgeous floral. Really loving the citrus colours.

  4. Gail says:

    I’m having trouble picking out my favorite.
    Can’t they ALL be my favorite!?

  5. leslie says:

    i LOVE this line! i have been waiting on it and unfortunately i am still on fabric ban until after the first of the year…whaaa
    i love, love, love wash day ticking, swing toss and church flowers…somewhat throwback but with the pop of pocketbook and dreamdot it is perfect…i love the green/blue colorways the best. i wished i could have bought some! good luck to everyone. thank you trueup for alerting us regularly and good deals and the BEST fabric out there.

  6. Stine says:

    I love this collection…the florals mixed with the geometrics! My favorite is probably the blue church flowers. I have made a purchase from the Quilted Castle before…very quick shipping, great selection and competitive prices.

  7. Deb says:

    Quilted Castle has a wonderful shop. I like the lindy leaf. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Lisa K says:

    I want, no I NEED to have this entire collection! I especially love the large Dream Dots – can you see some great jammy pants in this? I will have to give Quilted Castle a try! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  9. lahuitrefrite says:

    My goodness there’s a lot at the Quilted Castle. Whew!

    My fave fabric from the collection is the one in the third row, far right, the geometric with the little starburst in the middle. I like it in all the colorways. Reminds me of some of the designs you see on the garages of 1950s ranch homes.

  10. Darla says:

    My favorite is the Picnic Bouquets – all colors. Now, to go check out more offerings at the Quilted Castle.

  11. Sue Cahill says:

    I love florals, the Cream Hello Roses from the Nicey Jane line really speaks to me.

  12. vanessa says:

    It’s a toss up between Pink Wash Day Ticking or Clemantine Dream Dot. Thanks to Quilted Castle for the giveaway.

  13. Astrid says:

    They are all beautiful!!! But if I have to choose a favorit one it would be the tangerine pocketbook.
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  14. Pattie C says:

    Lindy leaf, in blue is my favorite from this collection. I hadn’t been to your site before, wow, you have a lot of patterns, I think I found one I have to have. Beautiful site, I’ll be back.

  15. Jessica says:

    I love the lemongrass pattern in all the colorways.

  16. Melissa H. says:

    I love the Nicey Jane Splash Dream Dot!

  17. Susan says:

    Dandelion Wash Day Ticking. LOVE IT!

  18. Hope says:

    Wow! I wasn’t aware of this store. It’s now on my bookmarks. Love all the washday ticking and most of the things on the site!

  19. tracy_a says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. I love the sky hop dot – I am really into those retro geometrics lately!

  20. Chelsey says:

    So hard to choose, but I think the Lindy leaf has been my favorite since I saw that vintagy looking dress made with it in your post about the Quilt Market.

  21. mjb says:

    From first glance my favorite is cream picnic bouquet – it reminds me of vintage sheets! But I’m sure I”ll have a different favorite every time I look.

  22. rachel says:

    Grass Swing Toss is my fave…but I like those hop dots a lot too

  23. Lisette says:

    I love Lindy Leaf,Dream dot and slim dandy in all colorways!

  24. Sharon says:

    my favorites are pink wash day ticking and blue lindy leaf

  25. Gina says:

    I love the hop dots, the cherry is probably my favorite.

  26. Krissy says:

    I love, love, love picnic bouquet. But every time I look, I have a new favorite! I think they are beautiful by themselves and all together! Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. LeeAnn says:

    This is mt favorite collection by far! I am really digging the Welcome Road prints. I see some new totes in my future!

  28. Julie L says:

    I love the Amy Butler Love Burgundy and Midnight Memento

  29. Laurie says:

    I love this collection thanks for the giveaway

  30. Blue Church Flowers. Fresh and great.

  31. Sara says:

    All the Lindy Leaf patterns are pretty but if I have to pick one, it would be the blue.

    Thank you for the chance

  32. angela d. says:

    Love the hop dot prints.

  33. Tressa says:

    They are very beautiful and fun to look at.

  34. Jan says:

    I love all the fabric – hard to choose just one favorite!

  35. Linda says:

    Linda loves “Lindy Leaf Dream”!
    Thank You!

  36. Annie says:

    I really like the Lindy leaf and Church flower patterns.

  37. Gwendolen says:

    Pink Lindy leaf! The dots are great, too. Fat quarters could make an amazing quilt…

  38. Karin says:

    Gorgeous. My all-time favorite fabric designer!

  39. Sarah says:

    The blue lindy leaf is the best!

  40. Karen says:

    My fave is washday! I love them all though! And how fabulous they all look together…I’m still not over pop garden and now this…;)

  41. Judy says:

    Ooh I love the Northcott Chinese Takeout fabrics!

  42. Christina says:

    I love the Cherry Hop Dot!

  43. the lindy leaf and hop dot ones are both popping out at me tonight. but it’s all so beautiful, heather bailey is rockin’! what would I do with a bunch of this happiness?! :) thanks.

  44. Andrea V. says:

    Um, if you don’t stop introducing me to new fabric shops my honey is going to have a little tantrum… Love “Chinese Take Out” by Shari Berry for Northcott – and from the Nicey Jane, the wonderful dots and stripes are my faves. Thanks for the chance!

  45. Erica Ferguson says:

    My favorite are the picnic bouquet. I love all the colors. They remind me of vintage sheets. This is one collection I have definitely been looking forward to!!!

  46. Elizabeth says:

    Celery dream dot is my favorite! I love them all though!

  47. Ellen says:

    I really like the whole blue and green colorway.

  48. SewLindaAnn says:

    I found that Nicey Jane was really the “fabric of the moment” for me. I love the blue/green colorway. Their web site was really neat, I liked entering thru the doormat. I plan on spending more time on their site.

  49. Rachel says:

    Wow! There are way too many to choose just one. I’m pretty fond of Blue Lindy Leaf

  50. Nancy says:

    I love the collection as a whole, the shapes and colors are so dynamic I’m slightly breathless! The watercolor qualities in the large floral “Hello Roses” make me think of summer but I also am really drawn to the zippy 60′s feel of the “Hop Dots”…. put a gun to my head and I’d choose the “Hello Roses”. I think. You know, I definitely need to make a bag w/ some of these! And I’d also like to meet Nicey Jane- I bet she’s alot of fun.