Giveaway: Amy Schimler Owl Fabric

Amy Schimler Owl Fabric

Amy Schimler (Red Fish Circle) is celebrating the re-release of her Owl print from her 2007 On A Whim collection. Robert Kaufman is reprinting the Earth (brown) colorway from the original collection, and adding two new colorways, pistachio (green) and aqua (blue). Amy has generously offered a half yard of each color to a True Up reader. Just leave a comment here about your favorite colorway.

Comments will close and a winner will be randomly chosen on Monday, August 3, around 9am CST. The contest is open worldwide.

Thank you so much, Amy!


  1. Mirjana says:

    Blue one!!!

  2. anne says:

    huh, not easy!
    all three colours are lovely but earth/brown is my favorite … i think …

  3. MichelleB says:

    I just love that aqua! I have the brown and purple, so now I definitely need the other two colors.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I love this fabric! The owls are just too cute.

  5. Rachel says:

    I love those new colorways (especially the green!)! I have the brown and purple owls (as well as many other designs by Amy) and love them!! Thanks for this chance to win these!!

  6. Amby Barnes says:

    They’re all cute, but the brown is my favorite!

  7. Kelly says:

    *Swoon* How cute are these!? I love all the colours… but probably love the aqua that teensy bit more!
    What a great giveaway!!!!

  8. Vanessa says:

    What a cool giveaway, THANKS! I think I favor the brown, although they’re all so adorable! :)

  9. ~Michelle~ says:

    I LOVE owls, this is so cute!

  10. natalie says:

    ahhh i can’t get enough bird and owl prints!! the green one is my favorite, followed by the blue!

  11. craftytammie says:

    I love the pop of the two new colors, but the brown colorway is my fave!

  12. Hedgehog says:

    I love this fabric! Not sure which is my favorite… Brown, no, green, no, brown…

  13. Sarah says:

    These are so adorable! I love the green!

  14. jackie says:

    love the brown, it makes even cuter (if possible)

  15. Sara says:

    I LOVE them all! But perhaps the green is my favorite? It’s hard to decide. They look great together. Can’t wait to get some!

    Hope I win!

  16. Beth says:


  17. Rose says:

    OMG they are all so cute but I think it’s a toss-up between the pistachio and Earth.

  18. becky says:

    awww… i’ve loved this fabric. all shades, tho i’d lean toward that bright aqua right now, simply becuz it would be a beautiful addition to a mini-quilt i’m thinking about… mm, i luv the olive, too. oh dear. :)

  19. Joy says:

    I love the brown! Then the green! Then the blue! They’re all great.

  20. Ashley says:

    I love these fabrics. I have an owl theme going on. Always loved them, and now I have little owls all over my son’s room. Would love some of this fabric:)

  21. Beth says:

    I’m so excited the owls are coming back. I’ve been hoarding my 2 yards.

  22. Yay for the owls!! I have loved this fabric since it first came out! I have the old purple and brown and am so glad it’s coming back in the brown! My favorite though of the new line is the aqua! Sooooo pretty!!

  23. Nancy Lee says:

    I love that Owl fabric. The green is delightful, but the blue is so bright it’s hard to decide…. I guess the green is my fav…

    have added you to my google reader as I LOVE fabric news…

  24. nicolette says:

    It’s my first time visit here. What a lovely blog!

    I’m a fan of Amy’s fabrics. I love all the colourways but my favourite is the brown owly one!

  25. dina says:

    We are so excited this adorable fabric will be released “again” soon! I love all the colors!

  26. Marie says:

    i love the brown! so glad they are reprinting it!

  27. alisha says:

    They’re all fantastic, but I think the pistachio (green) is my favorite.

  28. Jane says:

    Have had all the colors except the new ones. Love, love, love the fabric. One of my all time fabrics. Thanks for bringing it back!

  29. Amy says:

    Thanks for hosting Kim! I am getting the owls ready to fly to the lucky winner!

  30. Margi Borck says:

    I have a hard time deciding between them all. The blue caught my eye first so I’m going with that one!

  31. Emily says:

    What adorable fabric. My fav is the green!!

  32. Rene' says:

    I have the brown and purple colorways. It’s a wonderful design. I like both of the new colors, but especially the green. Thanks!

  33. Missy says:

    Love them all, but I think the green is my favorite!

  34. Priscilla says:

    I like the aqua. It looks like they’re swimming. Kind of.

  35. Karen Goss says:

    I love the new aqua colorway! I’m redoing my sewing/crafting space, and that is the main color I’m using. And really, who can resist those cute owls!!!

    Karen G.

  36. Amy Hodge says:

    While I would normally choose brown, I just love that pistachio!!

  37. Julie says:

    I love all of Amy’s fabrics! The blue owls are so bright and cheerful.

  38. Becca S. says:

    They are definitely all cute but I’m really drawn to the brown and green.

  39. Chrissy says:

    Oh my! That is so exciting! I really loved the earth colorway before, but I think I may need to own lots and lots of pistachio- for some fabulous project of course!

  40. Renee g says:

    I definitely love the blue. I can just see this made up in a cute children’s quilt.

  41. Audrie says:

    How to choose one! Hmmm… I think the brown’s my favourite even though the others are brighter and more colourful.

  42. Em says:

    i love the aqua colorway! the owls are so cute!

  43. Mary P says:

    So cute. I love the aqua.

  44. this one is for my Mum, in hospital facing nasty heart surgery – she loves this fabric, as I do, but I have to say Blue for her!!

  45. Patti Levine says:

    Love all the colorways but am drawn to the green first then the brown! The are way too cute and would love them in my stash. Patti L. in N.Y.

  46. Samantha says:

    The green is my fave, but, the blue could persuade me to change my mind… YUM.

  47. Polly says:

    Amy’s fabric is just so darn cute. I love all the colorways, but especially the brown

  48. Nicole says:

    I love them all! If forced to choose a favorite, I think I would say pistachio.

  49. Allie says:

    They are all lovely but the green is definitely my favorite!