Felt Week: Sunfelt (With Giveaway!)

Punching Felt by Sunfelt

Patisserie Soleil Punching Felt by Sunfelt

Punching Felt by Sunfelt-4

Ha ha, you thought the Quilt Market posts were over, but I just had to withhold this one for felt week. Last year’s post about Sunfelt of Japan was a popular one, and I still get emails about where to find their products. (Short Answer: Superbuzzy and Lit’l Brown Bird!) Last year, there were all kinds of die-cut shapes, felt food, and ribbons to ogle over; this year, Sunfelt was promoting their new line called Punching Felt. These are sheets of felt with shapes punched out of them, creating a patterned surface. They look great layered over solid felt or regular solid or patterned cottons. There are hearts, circles, flowers, and donuts, each available in a rainbow of colors. I’m not sure when this will be available, but a cursory Google search tells me that no one has it yet. Thanks to reader fujiapple, I now know it’s 100% polyester — but leave it to the Japanese to create a synthetic felt that you’d never know was synthetic. It looks like wool and seems much sturdier than cheap acrylic felt.

Sunfelt Punching Felt

And, why, yes, I did bring you home a roll for you! This is the donut pattern in a gorgeous peacock blue, 450x350mm (a little under 14×17 inches). To be eligible to win, leave a comment with an idea of how to use this insanely awesome felt. I will draw a winner next week, Wednesday, November 18, around 2pm Central U.S. time.

Sunfelt Punching Felt - Detail-2

Sunfelt Punching Felt - Detail


  1. Nancey says:

    I’d make pockets on a girls dress, or boys pants. Love the colors.

  2. Laurie says:

    Strangely, I’ve been wearing a lot of teal and turquoise lately – I noticed as I was packing for business trip… everything I was pulling out of my closet was the same color. I decided people would think I was weird if I wore the teal every day for five days, so I made myself pick a couple of sweaters of different colors.

    But to your question – I want to cut up a repurposed butter yellow cashmere sweater and use this felt as the reversible side of a fabulous neckwarmer fastened. I’d embellish it with appliqued flowers made of more repurposed sweaters and a lovely vintage button.

    Fingers crossed!!

  3. Laurie says:

    good grief… I didn’t do a very good editing job. That “fastened” snuck in and didn’t get deleted!! LOL!

  4. Kaye Prince says:

    I love the way it looks over fabric, so I would definitely use it as some sort of trim over top of a fabric. Maybe on the bottom of a skirt or on a bag…I just don’t know!

  5. Erin Compton says:

    You could make some sweet panels for your windows, or cover a lampshade for an awesome light effect.

    I LOVE the color of the roll you are offering up for a giveaway. So many beautiful possibilities!

  6. lisa s says:

    i have no idea what to do w/ the felt but it sure looks damn good :)

  7. This is so cool. I think I would use it as a border around a hand stitched wall hanging!

  8. Ruth B says:

    I haven’t seen these punched felts before…they are awesome! I think they would make very pretty coasters if you backed them with white felt. Or pretty pennies on a penny rug.

  9. Heather S says:

    I would use part of it to make a necklace!

  10. Jacqui says:

    Oooo, neat! I think it’d look fabulous over another fabric as a square-ish handbag (not a totey one like above). Heck, you could change inner colours to suit the season – white for summer and brown for winter! There would definitely be a mod 60s vibe to it.

  11. Jen C. says:

    I think it would be a super cute clutch with high-contrast fabric underneath.

  12. julie says:

    use it like embroidery fabric, but with a hexagon grid instead of the regular square. i think it could be really liberating to get away from standard cross-stitching and freestyle

  13. Michela says:

    needlebook! coasters! cuff bracelet! What WOULDN’T you do with it?

  14. Lila says:

    Ohh, I donĀ“t know… a teacozy, no, wait, coasters… no, no, a mug-cozy, yeah, that would be nice. What a nice colour and pattern!

  15. i would some how find a way to incorporate this in scarves i’m making out of needle felted rovings and battings.

  16. Julia Gabriel says:

    I would use it as an overlay on a bag or maybe on a quilt. Oh Yeah that would be nice ! :)

  17. Margaret says:

    An overlay in a tablerunner — almost like a built-in hot pad. Also love it in a bag. So beautiful!

  18. Jen Eskridge says:

    Oh man, I’d use the felt as cuffs and maybe a hem-trim on a girl’s dress. Super cute!

  19. linda says:

    OH WOW! Felt love overload…that is so darn cool! I would totally use it for accessorizing a sewing project. Shall I say pillows!? Can never have enough pillows!

  20. blair says:

    The overlay on a pillow front, definitely. I’ve got new, wintery pillows on the brain and that would be perfect!

  21. julie says:

    I think this would look lovely as gift wrapped, wrapped around a simple white box. :)

  22. Pam A says:

    I just love to make bags and totes. I think this would look great as part of the bag as an overlay, or a great pocket.

  23. Tricia says:

    As a layer on a table runner… on my table!

  24. Mitzi says:

    Oh my, I’m overwhelmed by the possibilities! Knowing me I’d work it into pajamas for me and my little gal somehow. I just love homemade pajamas!

  25. Maggie says:

    so cool! I would stitch with embroidery floss around the circle from the inside out forming spokes.

  26. Sarah says:

    I believe I would use this as an overlay block on a fidget quilt for a person living with Alzheimer’s. Between the texture of the ‘wool’ and the cut-aways, it would make a great sensory addition to such a project.

  27. Susan says:

    I must find some of this for my dollhouse retro disco bar – perfect for miniature screen/panel drapes between the bar booths!

  28. regina says:

    id love it as a headband for my little girls. or a belt…?

  29. fleurfabrics says:

    I’m glad its 100% poly! Im allergic to wool. I would definatly make hair bands and fat wrist cuffs. Something I could never do with real wool felt!

  30. Susana says:

    Gorgeous color! I see a brown cord laptop sleeve partly covered in this, and some strips as applique on baby’s winter dress, and a tiny bit in her cloth book (she looove’s holes atm) and maybe (and rather obviously) an appliqued peacock tail.

  31. Pat Hogan says:

    There is nothing I can think of that this fantastic felt can’t be used for. Decorative, utility..combined with embroidery… bags, table toppers and pillows come to mind. Possiblilities endless. Thanks for showing it to us.

  32. Sara R. says:

    It would make a fabulous patchwork hobo or sling bag, maybe with some leather and suede!

  33. Anita says:


  34. Dot says:

    Have never seen this punched felt and am intrigued. I make felted vessels (the wool roving & batts wet felt method). This could work as an embellishment on a vessel as well as an overlay on a felted purse.
    Loving the wool week—many thanks.

  35. Becky says:

    That is some amazing felt! I would hug it and kiss it and love it forever! (Animaniacs anyone?)

    I’d probably make a cute little purse with it as an overlay to a rich chocolate nubby silk fabric.

  36. MAK says:

    I stumbled across your blog a week ago and am in love! Thanks for all the amazing pictures! The first thought that came to mind was to make lampshades for a couple awesome vintage ceramic lamps I just scored online yesterday. If the color isn’t quite right for the lamps I thought of using over the plain patch pockets on my charcoal gray coat to add some personality and color to an otherwise drab look.

  37. Judy says:

    I can see this overlayed and appliqued on a sweat shirt blank making a fabulous jacket..or tote/purse
    how about needle felting in, through and around the punch outs…great inspirational fabric

  38. Amy Menges says:

    Oh, it needs to be made into a drum shaped lampshade. It would be lovely with the light spilling out…
    And how about the gathered, pouffy sleeve cap of a juliet sleeve, with the under-sleeve a soft knit that’s close to the skin in a contrasting color? Yup, yup, must have some of this felt!

  39. I would love to combine this felt with a coordinating fabric texturized with the new Texture Magic. I think the combination of cotton with texture and the smooth punched felt would be amazing.

  40. I’d love to use this as part of an overlay on a pillow!

  41. Lisa P. says:

    My daughter and I were talking about making snowflake garlands, so I think that would be a fun use for this felt.

  42. Collette says:

    Okay, maybe this isn’t practical but wouldn’t it be cute covering the lampshade of a small lamp? Maybe in a kid’s rum?

  43. Caitlin T. says:

    what a lovely color and pattern! i’d love to use it on the outside of a change purse or two for unexpected texture.


  44. Jane says:

    It’s so cool looking. I would use it as an overlay for some fabric containers that I’m making.

  45. Katy says:

    You mean I couldn’t just keep it in my drawer as a fun surprise to admire every time I opened it?

    Well, then, I would use it as curtains on the table house I made for my girls so one could enjoy the light filtering effect of this lovely piece of felt.

  46. Allisa says:

    I’d love to see it as a clutch with a contrasting solid fabric underneath- like orange or red!

    Lovely little gem,
    thank you :)

  47. Jyotsna says:

    Lovely punched felt. I’d use it to make a collar and sleeves on a solid chocolate blouse. It’d be a gorgeous contrast of peacock blue and browns & of textures. Thanks :)

  48. Lara says:

    Definitely a felt stocking with the punched felt as trim!

  49. Mandi says:

    I love the picture where the felt makes up the purse bottom. I have been making eyelet purses lately where some fabric peeks through. This would be another great way to use the felt. Ooh! Or on pillows! If I win, I’ll first just look at it for days and days, fold and re-fold it, and ooh and ahh.

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  50. Gwendolen says:

    purse trim! I’m obsessed with purses–echino fabric purses, chinese brocade silk purses–and can’t stop making them. They need some of this! Thanks.