Fall Quilt Market 2009: Kokka Part III: Nani Iro (with Giveaway!)


Naomi Ito’s newest collection within her Nani Iro brand is called Antique Label. This is Vol. 1, Rose & Poppy. For those of us used to the signature Nani Iro watercolor designs, this is quite a style shift! But this is just a detour into reproductions – 1920s-40s florals to be exact. I gather that there is going to be a new original Nani Iro collection and a new Antique Label collection annually from now on.

The Antique Label fabrics are a lovely, delicate, lightweight, semi-sheer 85% cotton, 15% linen blend. Several free downloadable .pdf patterns are available here. The fabrics are available now, and Matatabi Fabrics is offering a fat quarter pack to one lucky True Up reader this week. See the bottom of this post for details.





Matatabi Fabrics is offering a fat quarter pack of the Hana Lace print in four colorways. She also has the Hana Kago print, used for the bags in the first image in this post, available for purchase. Just leave a comment on this post before Friday, October 30, 9am central U.S. time. The winner will be drawn and announced shortly thereafter. This giveaway is open worldwide.



In case you missed them: here are Kokka parts I and II. And don’t forget to enter the other Quilt Market giveaways here and here.

This concludes coverage of the Japanese fabrics at the Fall Quilt Market 2009, but believe it or not, there are still several more Quilt Market posts and giveaway still to come this week!


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