Wonderfluff by Liz Scott

Sometimes I’m just so grateful for the invention of custom digital fabric printing, you know? Just like I’m grateful for the invention of television. It’s quite the age we live in.

Today I found Liz Scott‘s wonderful Wonderfluff fabrics via Wise Craft, where Blair Peter writes: “Just when you think fabric can’t get any prettier, take a look at these.”

Right? Liz Scott’s hand-drawn fabric designs are a little bit retro and a little bit modern, with floral and graphic motifs and a really fresh palette. She prints them herself using Spoonflower and sells the cuts in her Wonderfluff Etsy shop. The Dot Dot Dot print (second from left, above) for some reason reminds me happily of my fifth grade year, and Summer Flowers (below) has a charming ’50s feel to it.

And she prints them not only on quilting weight cotton, but on organic cotton sateen and upholstery weight, too. Joy!

For more info on Liz Scott or her designs, visit her web site or her blog. All images copyright Liz Scott.


  1. mommymae says:

    these are too die for! so pretty!

  2. Liz says:

    YAY!! Thank you so much for your kindness and the shout out, Mary Beth. A very pleasant surprise :)