Windham Fabrics: Feedsack V: c.1930s

(Feed readers: Please click over to see the slideshow if it’s not visible. I’m trying out a new slideshow generator — what do you think?)

Windham Fabrics has a feedsack reproduction series, the most recent of which is Feedsack V (though I can’t find evidence anywhere of Feedsack IV — is that because that could have been mistaken for “feedsack intravenous”? Fabric addicts might be down with that). It’s an extensive collection of small to medium-scale florals in sweet-but-not-saccharine colorways. Great stash-builders here for reproduction fans.

This one has been out for a little while so look for it in your favorite independent fabric shops.

Speaking of Windham, did you know they have a new blog? And Laura Jaquinto twitters on behalf of the company here.


  1. mary magee says:

    Slide show works great. I like.

  2. Leigh says:

    I like the slideshow, but I miss the option of seeing the smaller swatches along the bottom at the same time. I love SO MANY of those fabrics!!!

  3. Nicole says:

    LOVE me some feedsack.