Vlisco: Frozen Dreams


I was going to save a post on Vlisco for an African fabric series, but the series keeps getting put off because every time I start my researching, I get overwhelmed! I mean, we’re talking an entire continent with ancient history. There is so much to learn on wax prints alone. But anyway, I was prompted to post about Vlisco today after seeing their new collection Frozen Dreams via the fantastic must-read blog Black Threads.

These fabrics, sold in six-yard lengths for € 45.60 (about $68 US, with shipping and taxes about US $92 — not bad; that comes down to about $15/yard) are premium quality, double-sided wax prints. Read more about the fascinating processes for Vlisco’s six types of fabric here.


These prints are so wild — the large diamonds and this crazy design in particular look like digitally printed 3-D models, but they are wax block prints! What do you think — are you ready to incorporate them into your wardrobe? Here’s how it’s done.




  1. I always love to see the latest Vlisco ads & web updates. The dresses are stunning! I checked out the fabrics in person in Ghana this past September and the quality is gorgeous, too. Picked up a few pieces that are currently in archive until inspiration hits.

  2. Nicole says:

    I LOVE it! These fabrics are tough to use due to the scale… and the colors… but I love the spirit. So bold and imaginative.
    When I lived in Africa I could barely drive because I was always rubbernecking at the beautiful fabrics! Even the poorest women have a few meters of beautiful fabric wrapped around their waists.

  3. Andrea V. says:

    W.O.W. Fabulous. I have a good collection of African fabrics, but these – mmm – that acid green is killer, and the designs are outrageous. Thanks for the intro.