Urban Chiks: Sweet

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I want to know more about Urban Chiks, who design for Moda. The website doesn’t name names, but says:

These two young designers each bring something very different to the drawing board. One has a background in fashion and a flare for modern lifestyle while the other is a graphic designer with a passion for vintage textiles. These two come together to create a fresh and vibrant approach to fabric design, providing yards of delicious material for the next generation of craft pioneers.

Sweet is the latest collection from this mysterious duo who brought us 1974, Blossom, and Summer in the City. It’s a 1930s feedsack-influenced (maybe reproduction-based?) collection with lots of good versatile dots, stripes, small-to-medium-scale florals! I like the subtly modern accent of the birds and the “sugar” floral prints. The colorways are bubble gum (pink), lollipop (red), lemon drop (yellow), gumdrop (pastel sage green), creamsicle (orange), icing (bright light aqua), and popsicle (darker aqua).

As I added the names to the images, I was struck by the power of a clever title for fabric designs — isn’t “lemon drop candy stripe” so much more intriguing than “yellow and white stripes”? (I know … fabric obsessed for how long and I’m just figuring this out?!)


  1. OH! I totally agree! 1974 is one of my favorites and you are so right, gumdrop peeps?! Who doesn’t want to own a fabric with that as the title!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I love these, especially the peeps and the paisley prints! What a great quilt these would make.

  3. Rosaline says:

    Oh boy, I hope you’re open to opposing viewpoints, because I’m not drawn to this line. It doesn’t sport a lot of color and it looks washed out.

  4. Kim says:

    I don’t know too much more about them but I have seen their picture, on PamKittyMorning’s blog. She loves them and met them a couple markets ago. She has their pics in her after market pics if you want to go search! : )

  5. Mary says:

    I agree! I want to know more about UCs! I love love love their fabrics. I wish I could find more Swell fabrics, they seem to be scarce now though I love the Sweet.

  6. deirdre says:

    I love this fabric! Thanks for this writeup.