Obama Commemorative Fabric


Here’s some icing on the cake for this momentous day: Heather Moore [Skinny La Minx]‘s Obama Commemmorative Cloth from a while back has been produced! It’s designed by Heidi Chisholm, and produced by Cape Town company Shine-shine (no website). Orders can be placed with Tracy Rushmere at tracy@shineshine.co.za. (I’ll post the specs and cost here once I know.) Some detail images:




  1. vespabelle says:

    love it! now, what to make out of that fabric?

  2. aurora fox says:

    wow–this is cool!!!

  3. I stinkin’ love it – hilarious! There are even a few ‘beasts’ around the edges. Great work, Heidi!

  4. Anna Braun says:

    Love this fabric and want it. Thanks for sharing the info.

  5. Helena says:

    That is just awesome. A very special man and some glorious fabric.

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  8. bj says:

    where can i get this fabric

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