New From Timeless Treasures

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Thanks to the Fabric Worm blog, I learned of these new collections coming from Timeless Treasures. They have been putting out some cute and interesting retro/contemporary prints lately (did you catch these phones last year?), and are definitely worth keeping an eye on.


A 1970s patchwork kitchen-inspired collection with apples, trees, and owls.


Lime green, black, and white funky florals and butterflies.

Mod Collection

Scooters and birds in pink and chocolate brown.

Strawberry Field

Pink, orange, and yellow are so sweet together. Paisley, a flower meadow, butterflies, and strawberries with a lovely and unexpected coordinate stripe pattern.


  1. Cara says:

    The Mod collection also has a pattern with brown background and pink, yellow and peach hearts. Very cute. I already have some of it in my stash along with the birdies!! :)

  2. Leelee says:

    Do you know anyone who is carrying the apple collection? fabricworm doesn’t have it, at least not yet!

    Thanks, Leelee

  3. Suzanne says:

    I’m with Leelee…I’ve got to get that Apple line!!!