New From the Kaffe Fassett Collective


Deep Red Kaffe Fassett Collective bundle from Glorious Color


Orange Kaffe Fassett Collective bundle from Glorious Color

The Kaffe Fassett Collective (Brandon Mably, Phillip Jacobs, and Kaffe Fassett) has several new prints out this summer. I love how these three artists have come together, merging their similar yet distinct artistic voices with color. And it goes without saying, but what color! After putting the slideshows (below) together I felt like I’d had an hour-long brain massage. It’s so interesting how Kaffe Fassett and colleagues are building their story over time, each new collection adding to and supporting the previous ones, rather than distinct collections that come and go with each season. These fabrics also really drill the point home how utterly a print’s character can change with a different color palette. For instance, compare this to this.

Coordinated bundles and yardage is (or soon will be) available through Glorious Color, Hancock’s of Paducah, and other independent fabric shops.

Below are slideshows featuring closer looks at the three designers’ new prints. Feed readers, click over if you can’t see them.

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  1. nycstitcher says:

    This collection is exciting because it seems to have more colorways of each print than I remember. Even though it is true that the collections support each other as well as future and past collections (and though KF fabric got me to quilt), isn’t it often too easy that that also makes it easy to match up the fabric colorways within each collection and between collections (Kaffe to Jacobs, for example)? Like connecting the dots or trying to find the answer key? This is not necessarily bad, but it can lead to stagnation. In the Kirman pattern last season, for example, I think it’s the first time we had a gray background from Kaffe. Happily, we have another this season, plus yellows I don’t remember. This is not a complaint, rather an observation: hoping for more building by adding new colorways in addition to pattern. I think this new collection makes headway in that regard.