New Flock Collection by Aunt June



Check out the new Spoonflower-printed Flock series from My Aunt June! I love that crazy little bird. Medallions, too — I’ve been working on this post for twenty minutes and I just realized there are feathers in those medallions. It’s like seeing the secret picture in those, um, secret picture things. Moving on.

Flock is printed on 100% Kona cotton and available in the+ Aunt June Etsy shop. But wait, there’s more: She’s also having a super awesome giveaway: a charm pack of Flock, 36 5″ squares in 12 colors. Comment on her blog post to enter and follow her on Twitter for a second chance.

Nice work, Lauren!


  1. Julia Gabriel says:

    Oh I love the colors, just gorgeous.

  2. mjb says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you posted this :)