Michael Miller: Happy Tones

(feed readers, click over to see a slideshow of this collection)

Michael Miller Fabrics has a few new collections out, including Happy Tones, shown above. Aqua blue, coral red, and citron (yellow-green) are a modern twist on the old primary color scheme, and here they’re accented with black and gray. MM is doing a lot of black grounds lately, which will enliven a stash (like mine) too full of white grounds. And hooray, polka dots and stripes galore!

You can get a better sense of the scale of the floral in this picture of Patty Young‘s cute daughter modeling her mom’s new Kyoko pattern.

Jewel Tones has many of the same prints plus a mini-collection “Beatrice” in fushcia, hot pink, grape, orange, deep lagoon blue, and a brighter avocado green. Hmm, I thought I hated “jewel tones,” but leave it to MM to put a fresh new spin on things!

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