Lecien Color Basic Vol. 2

Lecien Color Basic - Multi Stripe

Lecien Color Basic - Grey, White, and Red Stripe

I wasn’t sure you’d want to see a whole slideshow of just stripes and polka dots in different scales, so I just included a couple images here. But you can see the entire set of Lecien’s Color Basic Vol. 2 in my True Up Flickr account or on the Lecien website.

I think I’ve mentioned before how nutty I am for this Color Basic collection. When I talked about my ideal stash in my stash interview, I neglected to mention endless bolts of this stuff as part of my fantasy. I use stripes or polka dots in just about every project, so having access to such a wide range of color combinations and scales would be a dream come true. The only thing is is that it’s hard to pay Japanese fabric prices for such basic prints.

Lecien Color Basic - Smaller Brown Dots on Yellow

Matatabi has lots of fat quarters and Superbuzzy has some fat quarter bundles and charm packs — both are nice ways to get a variety of prints for a not-huge investment. Please leave other sighting in the comments!

Lecien Color Basic Red Dots on Pink


  1. jenny says:

    my favorite source for these prints is Fabric Shack – they don’t have many of the newer ones in stock, but they have a decent selection, price per yard between $6-$9, and they sell small pieces (quarter yards and maybe eights as well).


  2. amanda says:

    Jenny beat me to it – I was also going to suggest Fabric Shack. Great prices and a HUGE selection of fabric. They even have some Amy Butler Charm fabric on sale for $4.98.