Jessica Jones for Braemore


Candy colorway

Very cool news from Caroline of jcaroline creative! today: she just announced that Braemore will be producing and distributing an expanded version of Jessica Jones‘ wonderful Amusement Park collection. Calliope and Fireworks are joined by two new coordinating prints, Stacks and Beads, and will again be printed on 55″ home decor weight 100% cotton in three colorways. This is the equivalent of a local indie rocker being picked up by Sony (only without all the implications of selling out — I don’t think there’s such a thing in the fabric world! Or can we expect to see you in a toothpaste commercial, Jessica?) Caroline will be carrying the full line, of course, and is taking pre-orders now.


Earth colorway


Spa colorway


  1. Beeee-utiful! Way to go, Jessica!

  2. Morgan says:

    Awesome! I’m totally getting all of candy and spa!

  3. Well, I’m also doing some whiskey commercials in Japan. :)