Fall Quilt Market 2009: Amy Butler


Hi, Love!

Do you hear the chorus of sweet song, the soft light breaking though the Houston Convention Center florescents? You know you’ve rounded the corner to Amy Butler’s booth.







Love was delivering to stores just as Quilt Market was happening. Have you got yours yet? If not, here is some inspiration that might make you take the leap. The 26 quilting and fashion weight fabrics are supplemented by 12 home decor weight prints, eight flannel prints, and 6 laminated cottons (see that raincoat)?

Along with Love, Amy has just released two new sewing patterns: the Liverpool Tunic (a collared shirt with an A-line bottom in four hem lengths) and the Sweet Harmony Handbag and Tote.



(Above) Amy Butler Studio staffer Diane Capaci vanna’ed the Spring 2010 patterns for me — a tunic and a panel skirt. Not pictured here, but extremely awesome, are the free Sexy Hexy Love Quilt, Just In Case pillowcases & shams, and Love & Peace Wall Art patterns.


I’ve become more interested lately in batik, and clearly I’m not the only one! This Indonesian-inspired print is part of what makes Love stand out from the crowd.

Also new in Amy’s world: a Desktop Collection produced in collaboration with Mara-Mi and Love Wall Art range with Art That Fits.


Amy is one of the most radiant, positive people in this business, and it was a treat to talk to her in person and see her vision in person.


  1. Joan says:

    Kim, I love the crisp, bright colors that Amy Butler uses. I am a big fan and I love that raincoat! Thank you for the time you spent photographing the fabrics in Houston. When I attend big shows, I suffer from visual overload and can’t take it all in. Being able to look at these fabrics a little at a time allows all of us to digest and really appreciate the wonderful prints. I also love the wide variety of links that you provide. Thank you!

  2. melimba says:

    Ahh, Amy Butler does it again.
    She can do no wrong. Seriously!

    I love that you have been my eyes at this quilt market! THANK YOU for all your fabulous posts!

    And, a HUGE yes to your question about interviewing us when the fabric line comes out (rainy days and mondays). !!! We would be HONORED.

    Thanks again for all the good things you do!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Holly says:

    I think that I am the most excited about Amy Butler’s stuff, particularly the laminated cottons. Or, maybe it’s Anna Maria Horner’s Little Folks and dobby dots that I like the best. I just can’t decide!

  4. Shayla says:

    Ah, these fabrics make your eyes happy! Did they say what raincoat pattern that was? Sure could use a few of those here in Oregon!