Erinn Kennedy: Painted Posies


Erin Kennedy‘s debut collection for Andover Fabrics hit the stores last month. It’s called Painted Posies and I love its Penn Dutch Modern feel. Here’s how she describes the collection on her blog:

I love painting, and over the last few years I’ve gravitated more and more to decorative and repetitive imagery. While fabric has always been a great source for ideas, I never thought about actually designing fabric…until I went to work in my Mother-In-Law’s quilt shop! After spending time around so many great designs and great collections something just clicked in my brain…and I knew I wanted to design fabric! … It’s a fresh, fun collection inspired by Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Art & Baltimore Album Quilts.

(The second mother-in-law/daughter-in-law alliance on True Up in the space of a week! Huh)

In addition to the prints in my collage above, there are two panel prints, which would make great table runners, quick quilts, hot pads, etc. The black colorway is very vintage, and word has it that black-ground fabric will be making a comeback. Do you use a lot of black in your sewing?




  1. Nan Jaeger says:

    I absolutely love how these fabrics coordinate so well together. My favorite print is the itty bitty flowers in the pots — reminds me of 1950s fabrics.

  2. lahuitrefrite says:

    A few years ago, I went through an all too short solid fabric phase in my quilting, and, looking to Amish quilts for inspiration, black was my favorite neutral. Since I’ve been sewing with more mod-retro fabrics, I’ve gravitated away from black, but I’d love to be inspired to bring it back. I think it could be really striking to combine some of the hot oranges and pinks and saturated greens or yellows with black.

  3. nanann says:

    I definitely prefer black as a background, especially compared to white. I just love how colors pop against it. Of course, there are plenty of blogs around that are having me rethink white a bit, and even introducing gray as a ground color. I am surprised at how much I like the gray, but it is great.