The New Cheaters

Kokka Cheater Print


echino patchwork

repro cowboy cheater

paganelli cheater print


Backing up my assertion that cheater prints are back. And why shouldn’t they be? You get more prints for the money, and if you actually turn it into a quilt, no one will really think you’re a cheater. The Japanese have cornered the cheater print market lately, but I’d say the revival was really kicked off by Denyse Schmidt’s Patchwork Promenade print.

From the top: Kokka cheater print (taken by me at the Fall 2008 Quilt Market); newer Kokka cheater print spotted on Fabricworm; Echino ni-co patchwork by Etsuko Furuya; reproduction cowboy cheater print spotted at This and That From Japan; cheater print from Jennifer Paganelli’s newest collection Dance With Me; the popular Patchwork Promenade print from Denyse Schmidt’s line County Fair, done up in a beautiful blanket by Spool Sewing.

What have I missed in this mini-roundup? What are your favorites?


  1. Amber says:

    Love the cheaters – I have a few of this group in my stash!

  2. Mishkat says:

    There’s a nice cheater print that’s one of the Moda Wonderland fabrics – I think it is called Mad Hatter. I have only seen the twill print, but I believe there is one in quilting weight too.

  3. Sarah says:

    Ooh, love that quilt. I think the first one is my fav. Though I do like the purple mushrooms.