simplicity 2871 scrubs

Do any of you work in scrubs on a regular basis? I don’t myself, but in my various speech therapy jobs I’ve had many co-workers who do. And I’ve noticed that scrubs are getting more hip. Several companies, like Dickies and Urbane, are making women’s scrubs that are a lot more body-conscious than the standard-issue unisex ones. Dickies also has some prints that I wouldn’t mind wearing. Still, most of the scrub prints I see out there are garish.

So why not make your own? Most major pattern companies have easy-to-sew scrub patterns, and you can get away with ensconsing yourself in cotton prints that aren’t necessarily suitable for street clothes. There don’t seem to be any requirements regarding fiber content or weave. Some facilities require employees to wear a certain color depending on their department, and surgeons of course wear sterile hospital-issued scrubs, but otherwise, it seems like you can go crazy. I just wouldn’t recommend this for a hospital or pediatrician’s office … but maybe you could get away with it at a veterinarian!

If you can’t sew, there are services like Sassy Scrubs and Scrub Med that make customized scrubs from a wide variety of stock fabrics. The latter also sells fabric by the yard.


  1. Liz says:

    i’m a PT, and i tried making my own scrubs for a hospital job. we were limited to one color, and it turned out to be just as expensive and the pattern did not fit AT ALL. i ended up inheriting some from a departing coworker, and just buying another pair!

  2. Becky says:

    Also good for Hallowe’en if you love the TV show “Scrubs!”

    My son and his friends got together and went out as the cast. They were in character most of the night too!