Presidents on Fabric


Happy Presidents Day, Americans! I hope you have the day off!

This print is part of The Presidents Collection c. 1830-1910 by Nancy Gere for Windham. The collection has an interesting provenance. As the Windham site explains:

History shows us that quilts were made from some of the most unusual fabrics, and this collection comes to us from two such sources:

The president design is taken from a pillowcase appliquéd with “cigarette silks”, which began to appear in the late 19th Century/early 20th Century They were given away as free promotions inside packages of cigarettes and tobacco, usually depicting images of sports figures, politicians, actresses or other people. Although women weren’t smoking cigarettes, they would encourage the men to smoke a certain brand so that they could collect a variety of the silks and trade them in exchange for coupons that could then be redeemed for other products – much like trading stamps. These collectibles were later incorporated into quilts, comforters, parlor throws, table scarves and clothes, and offered a special one-of-a-kind brand of creativity. This focal print is based on these delightful collectibles and offer a glimpse into a unique fabric fad of its Victorian time period.

And the fabric above is on clearance at Hancock’s of Paducah for only $1.99 per half yard.

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    Hey, I figured maybe you’d be interested in checking out presidents week on my site. We’re featuring folks and their presidential collections.