Multiple Choice: From Sample to Product


The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum (a branch of the Smithsonian located in New York, NY) recently ran an exhibition called Multiple Choice: From Sample to Product. It examined sample books and other sample media (such as this delightful button card) both as design tools and marketing materials for a variety of products, including textiles. Though its run ended last September, you can still view the online exhibition here.

There are a few pieces showing the progression of fabric design from drawing to printed fabric to end use. The images below show the Wiener Werkstätte design Bavaria by Karl Otto Czeschka, first as a sample painting, then as a design block-printed on silk, then as a finished coat (and what a coat! Va-va-voom!).




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Sample books and cards can be works of art on their own, and make lovely decorative pieces for your home. This button card I picked up at an antique mall a few years ago is one of my most popular images on Flickr …

Orange Buttons

Do you have any vintage sample books or cards in your collection? I’d love to see them in the True Up Flickr pool.

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    Here’s a very old sample book from my “chita” supplier: