Diaper Cloth

birdseye diaper fabric bolt

Birdseye cloth bolt from Hancock Fabrics

Looking through the sales for this week’s sale alert post I noticed that Hancock Fabrics is now carrying fabrics for cloth diapers — diaper flannel and PUL (poly/cotton laminate for covers), which I couldn’t find online, and also Birdseye diaper fabric. I’ve also noticed since having my son almost two years ago that big-box stores are starting to carry more cloth diaper options and related supplies. It’s great to see cloth catching on!

We used cloth diapers for most of our son’s first year but, I’m slightly embarrassed to admit, we fell off the wagon once he got more active. We will likely switch back when it’s potty training time, so he can feel it when he gets wet.

As someone who has gone through some cloth experience, though, I’d highly recommend using a diaper service through the newborn months if one is available in your area. Once things have settled down a bit you can start experimenting with the different types of cloth diapers (pocket, all in ones, cloth + cover), and it might be prudent to buy premades and test them out before investing in the supplies to make your own.

DIY cloth diaper from verybaby

There are plenty of internet resources for cloth diapering and cloth diaper fabrics. Shop indie!:

A Cut Above
Celtic Cloth
Sew Many Diapers

Diaper Sewing Supplies resource list from Diaper Jungle
Boise Cloth Diapers – Where to Find Fabric and Notions for Cloth Diapers

Please leave your favorite resource for cloth diaper fabric and sewing information in the comments and I’ll keep the list updated!


  1. tia says:

    Back when I was cloth diapering my kiddos my all time favorite was http://www.elbeebaby.com/ I also was in awe of http://www.fuzbaby.com/ she makes http://www.fireflydiapers.com/ as well. Cloth diapers are great. ;o)

  2. Kathy says:

    I was just looking for pre-made cloth diapers this week to make burp cloths with. I had to try five different stores before finding one that even stocked them. My mother in law always made the diapers for our little ones. We loved the softness and natural feel for our babes. Thanks for the resources.

  3. Kate says:

    So happy to see you post about this. I wish I had had all these diaper making resources when I was starting out!

  4. Deborah says:

    With all 3 of our babies, we started out with disposables until the cord was healed, and then moved to cloth the way my mom taught me, old school: flat fold bird’s eye diaper, vinyl pants, pins. We’re still doing it that way, and perfectly content. My only complaint at this point is that I wish the diaper pail were the same size as my washer’s drum so I could always wash full loads! I feel like I’ve done a good deed with cloth diapers, and then I’ve subtracted from that by washing itty bitty loads in a giant front loader…

  5. golden star says:

    Are there other uses for diaper cloth? Has anybody ever made other items using this cloth?

    Just curious…

  6. Kimberly says:

    Great information, thanks! Thank you also for the link to Boise Cloth Diapers. I wanted to let you know the link has changed to http://www.boiseclothdiapers.com/SewingSupplies.html.