Project Runway Premiere + Jay McCarroll on Quilting Arts

Did you watch last night’s premiere of Project Runway Season 6? What did you think? Did you have any fabric- or sewing-related epiphanies? Did you feel fancy that you knew what smocking was when Christopher didn’t?

Speaking of Project Runway, here‘s Season 1 winner Jay McCarroll’s appearance on Series 400 of Quilting Arts TV with Pokey Bolton. In it, he talks about how he created his first two fabric lines Woodland Wonderland and Garden Friends, and shows some projects made with the fabrics (including quilted projects by his awesome sister). He returns later in the series to give a tote bag tutorial. If you’d like to see Jay (and all the other great guests) in higher resolution, all four series of Quilting Arts TV are now available on DVD. Though the original 400 series DVDs apparently had some manufacturing errors and will be back on shelves soon.


  1. DianeY says:

    I love PR, too & couldn’t believe the guy didn’t know what smocking was! I always feel it takes about 4-5 weeks to eliminate the “riff-raff”, Good choice on last nite’s elimination!

  2. monicalee says:

    ok, I was surprised he didn’t kow what smocking was too. But hey, he managed to win the first round. Kind of a shame, I would have liked to see that other dress completely smocked. Do you think it was a conspiracy? I mean, the models measuremnets 5 inches off? That is a A LOT to any dressmaker.