Heather Ross’ Blog March


Heather Ross will be going on a blog tour to promote her awesome new book Weekend Sewing, and I’m very excited that True Up will be hosting a stop! Here’s the full schedule, so you can follow her around, learn lots, and maybe even win a book …

2/26/09 The Purl Bee (Technically not part of the tour, but still, a beautiful article! Do check it out!)

3/9/09 Make, Grow, Gather: Interview with tales and pics of young Heather growing up in Vermont.

3/11/09 Heart Handmade A Day in the Life of Heather Ross.

3/12/09 Disdressed Q & A? Exposé? Find out!

3/13/09 Freshly Blended A fresh review of Heather and Weekend Sewing.

3/16/09 Whip-up: Illustrated sewing demo – learn fun tricks!

3/17/09 House on Hill Rd. Erin shows off her lovely finished projects, and asks Heather about her inspiration for each.

3/18/09 Belle Epoque Fit and style. Know what you sew, win a book! – Part 1

3/19/09 Right here on True Up! Fabric design – Process and inspiration – Part 1

3/20/09 Charm City Craft Mafia blog: Heather burns rubber heading to signings in DC and Baltimore, with the Charm City Craft Mafia in hot pursuit!

3/23/09 Philly Etsy Team blog On the road again…this time to a sewing weekend at Spool in Philly. The Street Team investigates, and throws the book at a lucky winner!

3/25/09 Knotions Fit and style. Know what you sew, and win a book! – Part 2

3/26/09 Cathy of California Heather discusses her old school inspirations and aesthetic!

3/30/09 Wardrobe Re-fashion Spring into DIY fashion, win a book!

3/31/09 Thisisloveforever: Fabric design – Process and inspiration with fabric giveaway – Part 2

4/1/09 Craftypod Book review and giveaway…no April Fool’s joke!

4/7/09 Etsy’s The Storque How-Tuesday! Virtual project demo from the Etsy Headquarters.

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  1. thanks for the heads up and all the links!!