Happy Batik Day!


A woman demonstrating the process of batik in a department store in Jogja, by mattjlc on Flickr.

I should be ashamed of myself — I somehow missed a textile-related topic so big that it made Twitter’s trending topics! Thanks to Nancy Mims of Mod Green Pod for sending the story my way.

Despite me being slow on the uptake, it’s not too late to celebrate Batik Day, which Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has declared to be Oct. 2. This was in response to the UNESCO‘s recent recognition of Indonesian batik as one of the world’s important cultural traditions. The U.N. announcement comes on the heels of a heady cultural battle between Indonesia and Malaysia, detailed in this interesting New York Times article.


Detail of Indigo Dragon batik sarong, from online shop Batik Tambal

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Batik in the Making, by irwandy on Flickr

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