Yudu Screenprinting System


I learned about the Provocraft Yudu Personal Screenprinter today through Stacy Sews. The Yudu is an exposure unit, drying cabinet, and printing table/registration system all in one, and it uses proprietary flat screens and water-based nontoxic inks. It looks like a nice alternative to the Print Gocco (what’s the latest story on those — are they out of production again?), but like the Gocco, it’s neater/more convenient than buying your own setup of screenprinting supplies and equipment. It’s got an 11×14 printing area, and is designed primarily for T-shirt printing though it looks like it would be easy enough to use it for printing on paper or fabric.

The system is manufactured by Provo Craft in Utah. It retails for around $275-300, and comes with all the supplies you need to get started. Just keep in mind the cost of extra supplies (ink, screens, replacement bulbs, emulsion and emulsion remover, etc.) if you’re weighing this against a traditional setup.

- Detailed demo video here
- Review on Design Mom
- CraftStylish article


  1. sara says:

    I just saw this in the latest Fabric Hell..um, Joann mailer. They have it on sale for $199.

  2. Sarah says:

    ooo I want one!! I was just thinking it would be SWEET to screen print my business cards. I wonder if it would work for that humm.

  3. Sarah says:

    OO thanks Sara!..I will be checking into that. :D

  4. Melanie says:

    Thanks for posting about this! It’s great to hear that there is a similar alternative to gocco. I believe that gocco has now gone out of production. All my local supplies have taken them off the shelves as well as all the ink and such. Very sad!

  5. Lori Shrout says:

    I have been playing with this machine and I’m getting hooked! It’s a bit addictive. You can read about it and see some of my first projects on my blog at

    But be careful – you’ll be wanting one too :-)