The Fabric List

It’s easy enough to Google “Amy Butler fabric” and such to find retailers of popular quilting cottons on the internet, but what if you’re looking for Battenburg lace? Ecclesiastical brocade? Pool table felt? Holly recently wrote in to let me know about her bare-bones but awesome site The Fabric List. It’s a database of online fabric retailers, and though it’s a work in progress, it’s already a wonderful first stop for consumers, especially if you’re looking for specialty fabrics.

Each shop added to the list is personally annotated by Holly and tagged with all the different types of fabric and supplies they carry. You can also view the list by merchandise type — everything from African fabrics to wool felt. There are plenty of new-to-me shops to explore.

Register for a free membership to access all of the site’s features, one of which is to suggest your favorite shop (perhaps your own?). Members can write reviews and add store ratings.


  1. Cara says:

    I sooooo did not need to learn of this site! ::smacking head:: This could get me into some serious trouble. :)

  2. Lori says:

    That’s awesome! Thanks for posting this.
    *new reader