Textile Stew: 7/6/09


found searching for butterfly fabric — quilt from 1982 ‘Better Home & Gardens Treasury of Needlecraft’ (top) and soft butterfly (bottom) (via RainbowRegionMama on Flickr)

To Dry For, shop selling designer tea towels. Via Print & Pattern

I finally caved and bought a pair on eBay: Converse Jack Purcell Lucienne Day shoes

inspiration week #87 | Casey’s Elegant Musings


  1. amanda says:

    Cute shoes!

  2. Kathleen says:

    I bought the green Lucienne Day Converse!

  3. keyka says:

    I have that treasury of needlecraft book and have always really loved that butterfly quilt! It is one of a handful of projects in the book that could still be made today and not look totally dated. If made in a more modern color scheme I think it would be great for a little girl.