Best of 2008: Whipup’s Picks

I invited a handful of bloggers in the art/craft/sewing/design tradition to share their favorite fabrics of 2008. They could pick and choose from categories I provided or make up their own. I’ll be sharing my own picks too over the coming days. So far the responses have been great and I’ve already learned new designers and collections to love. First, we’ll start with Kathreen Ricketson and Nicole Vaughan of the Australia-based craft superblog WhipUp.

Nicole’s Picks:


Best Home Decor Weight Collection: County Fair by Denyse Schmidt
Of course the return of the cheater print is genius by Denyse. A great hook for new and experienced sewers. She’s opened a can of worms with the availability of products such as Spoonflower, all sorts of cheater prints are popping up. Angry Chicken has already made a quilt with her own cheater design.

a day in the life

Best Under the Radar/Sleeper Collection: Lush by Erin Michael
I absolutely adore this range. I don’t know why it wasn’t picked up by more retailers. It fits in with current textile trends, is witty and has an awesome colour palette.


Tula Pink’s upcoming collection Neptune, from

Best Designer: Tula Pink
She has an amazing eye for detail and themes. Most of her ranges are hand drawn initially and then coloured. She shares her process on her blog.


Best Solid/Nonprinted: Joelle Hoverson’s “Net of Jewels” shot cotton solids, part of the Cake Rock Beach collection
It could also come under “Under the Radar/Sleeper Collection” category. I’ve heard from Purl Soho that Net of Jewels is not being reprinted which is a real shame. I’ve used Kaffe’s shot cotton and it’s lovely however the hand and colourways from Net of Jewels is just stunning. A beautiful fabric.

Kathreen’s Picks:

Best Reproduction/Cheater Print: Denyse Schmidt’s – County Fair – Patchwork Promenade Print


Best Sewing Print: Perfect Pattern in red/white by Alexander Henry Fabrics


Best Bird: Green Sketchbook, from the Drawing Room collection by Anna Maria Horner


Best Folk Design: My Folklore – Neutral Flower Stripe from Lecien


Best Pastel: Fresh Start in Moss, from the August Fields collection by Amy Butler


Best Pigs!: Echino – Brown Pig Circle; Pig Outfits – Blue, both from Kokka

Best Trees: Sweet Trees – Green Peti from Seven Islands


Best Whimsy: Horse Field in Yellow by Megumi Sakakibara for Yuwa

How about you — what are your favorites of 2008? Discuss in the comments or on True Up’s new Facebook page.


  1. Jennifer says:

    Great picks – many of my own favorites. I hope (hint, hint) that you’ll let us know when/where the new fabrics from the My Folkore collection are available. :) You have a great site here.

  2. All such beautiful fabric pics and that quilt at the top is just gorgeous.. I’m soooo in love with fabric at the moment !!

  3. Karen says:

    I second the vote for Lush by Erin Michael. So fun and unique. The only thing missing is a fantastic project to really show it off.

    Great post~hope to see more ideas!

  4. Sam says:

    I just wanted to say a belated thank you for this great post. That picture of the Denyse Schmidt cheater print quilt inspired me to go and buy 3 yards and make my daughter a new (and hopefully quick and easy) quilt. I had seen the fabric before but hadn’t been that inspired by it but to see it made up like that I could really see the potential in it! Thanks again. (Just wish I had the funds to buy all the fabric pictured in the post!).

  5. Anita says:

    I too am sad to hear that Net of Jewels will not be continued! Such beautiful solids and a better weight than Kaffe’s Shot Cottons. I’ve almost used up my stash. I’d best find some more to horde before they are completely gone!