Best of 2008: Feed Dog

Feed Dog stands out among the craft blog world for me because it’s written by (gasp) a man! You might come for that anomaly, but you’ll stay for his amazing quilts, lucky thrift scores, and great taste in fabric. Here are Mr. Feed Dog’s picks for the best fabrics of 2008:


“Trio” from Timeless Treasures’ Taxi collection

Best Quilting Collection
Timeless Treasures’ Taxi line mixes scales and popular patterns like brocades, birds, and branches in a pared-down but striking color scheme of black, white, and yellow. It doesn’t have a big designer name attached, but it has to get my vote just because I bought nearly every print!


Birds print from Soirée by RJR Fabrics

Best Under-the-Radar Collection
Birds and foliage in a sophisticated palette of red, grey, and black, with gold thrown into the coordinating floral, make RJR’s Soirée one of my favorites.


Best Home Decor Weight Print
Anna Maria Horner’s Volumes makes her Drawing Room collection the standout for me. Bookish but not fusty, it’s a cheerful abstraction.


Roses in green from Valori Wells’ Urban Flannel collection

Best Flannel Collection
Valori Wells‘ lines always have a nice combination of stand-out prints and more subtle ones. Her Urban Flannels make me wish I had more reason to sew flannel!


Four prints from Morning Call by Hoodie for Blank Quilting

Best Trend
Retro kitchenware is cropping up in the coffee pots and cutlery of Blank Quilting’s Morning Call and of course in the plates and such of Elizabeth House’s new LizzyDish. These prints beg to be made into placemats, kitchen curtains, and teatowels, though they seem equally tasty for quilts.


Best Japanese Print
Trèfle Farmland by Kokka (lovely in both pink and blue) has it all — fruit, flowers, mushrooms, livestock, cars, windmills, birds …


Best Reproduction Print
OK, this isn’t what repro prints mean to most people, but Classic Cottons turned wallpaper from the Fifties into this cityscape for their Posy Party line.


Best Juvenile Print
With Alien Visitors, Timeless Treasures put together quite the lineup of extraterrestrial freaks and geeks.

{Thanks, Mr. Feed Dog!}


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  2. georgia says:

    I just googled the Urban Flannel by Valori Wells because I HAVE to have some! Finally some flannel with style!