Best of 2008: Even More Kim’s Picks

Best Sleeper/Under-the-Radar Collections


Joelle Hoverson: Cake Rock Beach for Moda: I love the subtlety and quietness of this collection. The Net of Jewels solids, which use different colored yarns warpwise and weftwise, are wonderfully deep and saturated and happen to come in all my favorite colors. (previously blogged)



These sewing prints from Kei Fabrics and Kokka. I only ever saw these at Retrosaria — I would have thought these would be a HUGE hit and be more widely available!


Best Geometrics


One of my favorite developments in the fabric world in ’08 was the proliferation of basic geometric designs (polka dots, stripes, checks). It was great to see Lecien’s Color Basic and Kokka’s Putite Ecore Coordinates (multi-patterned geometric yardage) coming onto the market — now I just have to find shops that carry the Color Basics! I also loved the dots and net patterns in Joelle Hoverson’s Cake Rock Beach collection.


My favorite higher-end geometric print was the loop-de-looping Aspire from organic fabric company Mod Green Pod.

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