True Up’s Amazon Store

true up amazon store

If you’re considering buying a book through Amazon on the subjects of fabric or fabric design, please help support True Up by going through my new Amazon Store.

I’ve listed general fabric reference books, books and products by contemporary fabric designers, and in the vintage fabric category: great designers, design eras, price guides, sewing with vintage fabrics, handkerchiefs, barkcloth, and more.

But-wait-there’s-more. Check out the surface pattern design books, including how-to, screen- and block printing books and kits, dyeing and batiking, and just about anything that could be considered a surface pattern design sourcebook.

I considered listing sewing books too, but that’ll have to come later — I’m exhausted! I thought I knew about every book fabric/textile design book that was out there, but I came across quite a few new items for my wish list. So have a browse; I bet you’ll find something inspiring.


  1. soph says:

    no please don’t do this to my poor bank account! i honestly had to click off the page after i’d seen the first half dozen books thinking “oh that looks interesting” about every single one.

    um, sorry, what i meant to say was, thank you so much for gathering such a wealth of fascinating books together, i’ll enjoy immensely browsing them and swelling the ranks of my wishlist :)