True Up Seeks Posse

Quilt Market was a big opportunity for me to increase the True Up audience, so I ordered 500 business cards from to help promote the site. I was going to challenge myself to get rid of all of them. Unfortunately, I waited too long to place the order, which forced me to have them shipped directly to my hotel in Houston. Stupid, stupid me, I was one digit off on the ZIP code so they never made it there. After much back and forth they were finally delivered to me last week.

Hopefully I can turn lemons into lemonade here. Can I put you to work? I’d love to mail you a short stack of my business cards to distribute to fabric loving friends and family, customers, local shop owners, whomever you see fit. Just email me your mailing address (my email address is on the card above). I will try to make it worth your while, though exactly how I don’t know yet!

Thank you so much!

Oh and: the cards are a glimpse of True Up v.3, which will happen whenever I get the time to redesign!


  1. emily august says:

    Hey! I am a regular reader of your blog via Google Reader.

    These cards are very cute; its a shame the delivery was botched. I have a lot of family that quilt and sew, so if you want to send me a stack I’d be happy to pass them along, as well as throw them in with Etsy orders.

    Love the woven look and the color you chose!

    I will send you an email with my address.

  2. Michele C says:

    I’ll help here in South Carolina. I can’t see your business card photo, but I do see your e-mail on the contact button above.

  3. jan says:

    Oh I love the design! And nice to meet you and your blog, (thanks to Lisa!)

  4. You an send some to me!

  5. Doris says:

    I love your blog, been a reader for a while now. I will gladly help here in Des Moines, IA (we have many a quilt shop in the area!) And I just joined our guild of approx. 500 members!

  6. Cherri says:

    I read your blog everyday…I would love to distribute here in Seattle…we have a big indie craft fair coming up in December at the Seattle Center…throngs of people who love all things fabric! How do I get you my snail addy?

  7. What cute cards! You probably don’t need TWO South Carolina fangirls distributing your stuff, but I’d be happy to do it if you asked. Love the blog!

  8. Limor says:

    I’m in Wisconsin, and I can definitely pass some cards along.

  9. For some reason I can’t see your card either, so send me an email with your email addy, and I will send you my snail mail…I send out a lot of Christmas/holiday cards, and I would love to throw as many of your cards in my mailings as you would like….

  10. Nadia says:

    If you need someone over in London, UK, then I’d be happy to pass along your cards!

  11. Anita says:

    I’ll take a few and see what I can do. :)

  12. Rosemary says:

    love your blog and read it regularly! i’m in western massachusetts, and would be happy to give some out here and there.

  13. Baba says:

    I’ll send you my address!

  14. justine says:

    hey kim

    we’d be more than happy to distribute in AUS or in our mixtape mail all around the world


  15. Jessica says:

    I unfortunately can’t see the card, but I’d love to pass some out in Minneapolis! We have a huge craft fair coming up in December, and it’d be the perfect place to distribute these.

  16. Melanie says:

    I’m also having trouble seeing your card, but am very happy to send some out for you, as I’m a big fan of your site. I could add it in with parcels when people purchase fabric from me.

    Please feel free to email me for my address, if you don’t mind sending cards to Japan that is.

  17. Fulvia says:

    Will gladly lend a hand; please email me, thanks.