True Up Group on Flickr!


I’m doing a little meta-True Up business today. First, I changed the header to something more fabric-y — if you’re a feed reader come take a look! I also started a True Up Flickr group. It’s for readers to share photos (or video) related to ongoing features here, like “Show Us Your Stash” and “the Daily Swatch,” and future memes/topics/etc. If you’re already my contact on Flickr (I’m kmel, if you didn’t know) you’ve received an invitation; if not you can just go the group page and join up. And if you’re not a Flickr member, why, you ought to be!


  1. LOVE the new header! Perfect.

  2. méri says:

    Beautiful header!!!

  3. aurora fox says:

    hey! love the new fabric header!

  4. Amber says:

    The new header is so great!