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I’ve just added a poll feature to the sidebar. The current question: Which best describes your fabric stash storage system? And please comment if you feel like your answer needs expanding!


  1. Leslie says:

    I buy 0.5-1 yard pieces of fabric, so they sit folded on my bookshelves for easy access and selection.

  2. Stephanie says:

    So my craft room is our dining room – and in one of the bookshelves there (and doesn’t everyone have bookshelves in their dining rooms:) – I keep nicely folded stacks of fabric of one or more yards. This is the fabric for making clothes out of.

    Near that, under the ironing board (doesn’t everyone keep ironing boards in their dining rooms:) – I have three boxes of fabric scraps that get used most often in artwork.

  3. emily august says:

    I love it.

    I would have liked to be able to click more than one option.

    My stash is a hybrid of being on display (only the very prettiest pieces), and the rest being in two closed-top underbed storage boxes (scraps and prints in one, and ‘boring’ solids in another).

  4. emily august says:

    And I also have to say that having the storage boxes and specific shelf space is the ONLY way I can control the amount of fabric that I have stashed!!

  5. all is on says:

    I second emily august’s ‘would’ve liked to click more than one” feeling. I’m lucky enough to have a whole room for the sewing/crafty business, and most of my fabric is in or piled atop a cedar hope chest. I try to keep up with my stash via flickr, too.

  6. cal says:

    i love how you nailed ALL of my storage methods! and it’s also funny that no one who voted has chosen the ‘i have no stash’ option, as of yet, anyway ;n)
    i’m loving this blog as i need to be more in the loop about what’s going on in the fabric market, so thanks!!!

  7. Jan says:

    I store my everyday cotton selection on three large shelving units. Rubbermaid containers hold specialized fabric (i.e. antique Japanese, vintage 30s/40s.) Closets hold plastic drawer units which are for small collections of non-cottons…felt, velvets, hand-dyed woolens. Newer additions to the cotton stash are often washed and stacked on the floor in front of the shelves so that they don’t get swallowed up before they are *thoroughly enjoyed and carefully considered*.
    Just rereading what I’ve written makes it obvious that I’ve been spending way too much time on the computer lately and not enough time using my stash!

  8. Leigh says:

    My stash is in disarray right now. I have a bed taking up a great deal of space in my craft room. Once it’s gone, I should be able to bring some order to the chaos! I’m thinking baskets on shelves, maybe.

  9. Amy says:

    I have a few bins and a canvas bin for my current favorites/projects.

  10. suzee says:

    I had to click “all of the above” – although no bathtubs, yet.

    But I can’t rule bathtubs out.

  11. Carol says:

    Here’s a unique one…my husband had his dad’s old stereo cabinet. Picture 1950′s wood with sliding doors….it has one shelf inside. I’ve kept it in a closet, but it’s a perfect stash holder! I can store by color/novelty prints, etc. and it’s mostly dustfree. :-)

    Thanks for the inspiration – I love looking at your daily swatches!


  12. jen says:

    My fabric storage is more of a “whereever I can stuff it”. My current project fabrics are in ziplocs with the pattern, my new Amy Butler is on the bookcase because I LOVE it, and eveything else is piled in a cabinet.

  13. floribunda says:

    My house has a tiny little room off the laundry room — have no idea what it was originally meant to be, but aside from the broom closet I’ve taken it over! I have IKEA cubby/book cases with (mostly) folded fabric, and also a little rolling drawer-cart thing with some fabric, and then there are always small stacks scattered around elsewhere in the house while I’m in the middle of a project, or thinking about a project, or being too lazy to tidy up after a project…

  14. Lizzy says:

    I use our spare room as my craft/computer room, it’s my favourite room in our flat =] I store fabric in large plastic crates (rubbermaid type) which my stash is currently outgrowing so until I get another crate (or, oh I dunno, actually use a big chunk of my stash!) then the overspill fabric is in a stand-alone plastic shelving unit on wheels, which also holds my current projects =]