Daily Swatch: Roy G. Biv With Guest Curator Jenny (Blempgorf)


Jenny writes:

V is for Very Favorite Vintage

Normally, V is for Violet, but I have virtually no purple fabric in my collection.+ So here V is for Very Favorite and Vintage.+While I do not buy much fabric online, I did splurge on this one – a couple yards of vintage toweling fabric with wonderful illustrations of the county fair.+I love illustration from this era and I think the art and the colors on this are just fantastic.


  1. Cass Ward says:

    Be still my beating heart

  2. Nanette says:

    no kidding it is her favorite, it is unbelievable. wow. totally bowled away by it. jenny has gems.

  3. susaninfrance says:

    THAT is the most cutest wonderful-est fabric I’ve seen in a long time—Please someone redo it now! It does look similar to the Japenese fabrics out recently.