Daily Swatch: Not Polka Dots Week

candyconnection22\'s dots

1. Wacky Dots, 2. Confetti, 3. Cotton Bursts, 4. Easter Eggs, 5. Sand Dollars & Olives, 6. Strawberry or Apple?, 7. Loops, 8. Blue Bubbles, 9. Green Olives, 10. Farm Life

OK, swatches-plural today. Ms. candyconnection22 has the. most. incredible. collection of vintage fabric on Flickr, including all these dots. I couldn’t pick just one.


  1. strikkelise says:

    Oh my goodness, I love those tractors.
    What decade might it be, fifties? Whatever. Love it.

  2. Great dots!
    I can see why you couldn’t pick just one.


  3. Cindy says:

    I so love the dotted theme this week. I am having a bit of a love affair at the moment with dots, I think I might get measels to truly get in the spotty mood.

  4. I love those little tractors too!

    I’ve been working with my own little tractor lately.

    I put him on tea towels – so retro/country…

    Thanks for the look!