Daily Swatch: Election Week

Overtly political fabric is rare, but I’ll try to find all the examples I can this week! And the rest will be filled out with donkeys and elephants. Unfortunately for my own political persuasions, donkeys aren’t as popular a motif as elephants (maybe I can fudge it with ponies and horses), but I think we can all agree that Republicans have the cooler mascot. (In case you’re wondering: how did these mascots come to be associated with the two parties?)

The image above is a bedsheet posted by eren | thisvintagechica on Flickr.


  1. In Africa, there are heaps of political fabrics – we’re spoiled for choice! It’s quite normal for people to wear a shirt made of printed fabric with the portrait of a political hero on it. Here’s a link with lots of pics: http://www.adireafricantextiles.com/Pagne.htm

  2. jenny says:

    great theme – I love political fabric but good vintage examples are hard to find. Bicentennial fabrics might be another good cheat.