Daily Swatch: Christmas

Christmas Stocking Feedsack at Antiquefabric.com. Muslin feedsack with Christmas stocking printed on it. This is a sewn feedsack. The stocking is intended to be cut out and sewn together. The pictures show the front and back of the stocking. 25″x12″, $50.

Is there a term for these kind of prints — sewing patterns printed directly onto the fabric, cf. Clothkits and Egg Press’ Stitch Kits? If not, there needs to be. Is it “cheater cloth“? I’m pretty sure that only applies to faux patchwork.


  1. Peggy says:

    This stocking reminds me of the ones filled with candy that we used to get at the drug store.

  2. Sarah says:

    I found a cute apron pattern with all of the pattern pieces printed directly onto the fabric. My first thought was…this is cheating! :)

  3. When I worked at a fabric store in highschool we typically called them “panels”, or “novelty panels” because you sell and cut them by the panel, not by inch measurements.

    Funny you posted this, because I just picked one of these stocking panels. It’s for a giant stocking to hang on the front door. :-)